Part of building the most attractive Teacher Profile on Lingos is letting potential Learners know details about the Experience and Qualifications you have. 

If you’ve been accredited for anything related, especially to teaching languages, it is important to share that with your network.

Once a Teacher has set the languages they are willing to teach, they are able to give further detail on each through the "Teaching Preferences" screen.

In order for a Teacher to set experience and share qualifications within "Teaching Preferences", they must access "Edit Profile" from the side menu of either the Teacher Dashboard or Profile.

Profile:                                                                                             Dashboard:

They will be brought to the "Teaching Details" page, and will need to click on the "Teaching Preferences" tab.

At the top of this screen, they should see their first language's preferences. If they have more than one language, these preferences will be available for multiple languages. In this case, we will work with one example and you can apply it to as many languages as needed.

In order to set the experience a Teacher has, please select the appropriate time (in years) from the appropriate dropdown field.

If you do not have any qualifications to add at this point, proceed to press the "Save my teaching preferences" button at the bottom of this page.

If you have qualifications to add, then please select from a list of existing organizations, a level attained and add any notes related to the name or description of the qualification.

Should your organization or matching level not be there, you have the option to add your own by selecting the option at the bottom of either list.

You would then see these options popup, in which you can populate the correct Organization or Level.

Once you have set your experience and/or qualifications, proceed to press the "Save my teaching preferences" button at the bottom of this page.

Your Profile should be updated immediately.