There are benefits to being a Verified Teacher on the Lingos platform, and the process to become one is simple.

You provide proof of what you said on your profile, we verify and then give you a badge that lets potential students know that you are trustworthy.


  • We promote verified profiles to our Learners
  • Verified Teachers get 25% more student requests.
  • Any and all Teacher Recommendations and Highlights on the homepage or Newsletter will be a Verified account
  • Learners have the ability to filter out “non-certified” teachers entirely. Don't miss these students!

Documents we ask for include: Government issued Photo ID, proof of any Qualifications you've added, a resume/CV and the contact details of someone who can speak to your teaching experience. We will only contact that person if absolutely necessary.

In order for a Teacher to start the Verification Process, they must click the "Become verified" button at the top of the side menu of either the Teacher Dashboard or Profile.

This should lead you to a page that details the benefits of being Verified, and gives you an opportunity to fill out/populate the fields below.

Once you click on a "Choose File" button, an upload screen will appear accessing files on your local computer.
Find and upload the appropriately related file for each of the three fields. 
You can verify that a file has been selected once it replaces the "no file selected" notice beside the "Choose File" button.
Now enter the name, email and phone number of your reference contact.

Once all files and fields have been populated properly and accurately, press the "Submit verification request" button.

Once your documents have been received the Lingos team will verify that they match what you said on your Profile.

Once your documents have been processed your documents are deleted from the Lingos database.

Additionally, a Verified Badge will be added to your profile and you will show up at the top of search results.